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  The Southern Ground Pounders Racing Club was created to represent and preserve the heritage of vintage racing in a competitive atmosphere while having fun and fellowship among its members and the fans of race cars from yesterday! The cars represented by this club fueled the interests of racing fans from 1960s to the early 1980s. Limited-Modified Coupe - '38 Chevy This club is comprised of modified coupes and coaches that raced in the 1960s and 1970s and full bodied 1955 to 1972 sportsman type cars that raced up until the early 80s. You may spot a chopped down Pinto or a Vega lined up with the modifieds or a full bodied Camero roll out with the sportsman cars any given race night. But make no mistake, this is a racing club first and foremost and we race! These are not a bunch of show cars built to simply drive around the track and put back in the garage.   We race these old gals the way they were raced in their heyday.  We line them up and to see who wins. If they get bent up, we fix them for the next race.James Brown's Earnhardt Tribute car

  You will find home-made chassis and older retired modified and late model chassis under these cars.  Then they are retro-fitted to the older body styles.  Suspension styles range from older GM metric frame with stock a-arms, newer style straight axles, 3 point rear ends, torque arm setup, etc.  A little old and a little new, but always keeping the look "old school!"

  There is no greater thrill for the vintage racer or race fan than to have a full field of vintage race cars come down to take the green flag on a hot summers night!  If you are not paying close attention to your surroundings you may find yourself believing you are in 1968 at any one of a hundred race tracks in the south watching the start of an action packed Saturday night feature!  So come watch the points battle when the Southern Ground Pounders come to a track near you.

Catch us at a racetrack this summer and I promise you the promoter will sell you a seat but you will only need the edge!

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